Transformation Mandate

Prowess was established to be a bold change and transformation agent in the financial services industry and in the broader economy and society. This ethos is expressed through all the facets of the business.

Our Transformation Mandate is expressed through:

Offered to clients that are designed to facilitate investment in companies and/or projects that have measurable positive impact in terms of socio-economic development and sustainability and their incorporation of social, ethical and environmental factors into business strategies.

Through the provision of employment opportunities to diverse, upcoming talent. Prowess supports job creation in the financial services industry by predominantly targeting previously disadvantaged individuals. We place a large emphasis on empowering people to grow and develop in an environment that fosters self-discovery, creativity and innovation.

Prowess is committed to supporting BEE and SME’s through procurement of services and funding. As at December 2016, approximately 90% of Prowess’ services were procured from B-BBEE compliant companies, with the remaining 10% from exempt micro-enterprises.

We are in the process of launching a fund focused on providing funding and capacity to the SME sector.

That is reflective of the transformation mandates of the countries in which Prowess operates. Prowess has its origins in South Africa and is currently Black owned and managed, and is a Level 1 BEE-rated entity (by BEE Empowered).

Our corporate social responsibility is inspired by the desire to contribute to nation building and restoring lives in a tangible, practical and sustainable way. Prowess contributes its profits to the Prowess Foundation, which gives its clients the opportunity to partner with the Foundation to realise their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Visit the Prowess Foundation page.