Prowess Foundation

We are powered by our vision to see more South Africans and Africans actively participating and benefitting from their economies. Our distinctive skills allow us to build connections through finance and investment. The Prowess Foundation provides an avenue for us to invest a portion of our profits to the greater socio-economic good, redistributing our funds to educational and enterprise development initiatives. Currently, the foundation operates in Cape Town, after which it will expand nationally and in Africa as infrastructure and resources become available.

The proceeds of the Prowess Foundation are channeled toward selected causes,
organisations, communities and/or nations through financial assistance and/or capacity building in a tangible, practical and sustainable way. Investments are made to projects and/or institutions that are not in a position to receive assistance from commercial capital markets or sources.

The Foundation will contribute to but not be limited to funding the following project lines:

  • Education
  • Children, women related issues, Elderly people; Orphans and Widows; Homeless people; People with disabilities, Unemployed
  • Enterprise development
  • Community development
  • Social transformation and relief

Our financial partnership is underscored by active involvement. Our focus is on helping those less fortunate, and providing opportunities to the previously disadvantaged so they can better their position in life.

Current Projects

The ‘feeding
five thousand scheme’

More than 14 million South Africans go hungry every day. Prowess launched an outreach project in June 2014, where we provide lunch to the homeless every Friday, including holidays!

To date the programme has been feeding between 50 to 60 people every week. The entire Prowess team has taken up the challenge to participate in the feeding scheme, sharing their compassion and faith with recipients in the process.

If you are interested in partnering with us in any practical manner, get in touch.


Young pioneers
internship programme

Through this initiative, we allocate an intern to every Prowess employee in orderto facilitate skills transfer. To date Prowess has had the opportunity to extend this privilege to 12 individuals, one of which was offered a permanent position within the Prowess investment team.

Interns receive the following benefits:

  • Practical, real-world experience within the work enviroment.
  • Important administration skills that cannot be taught in the classroom.
  • Bridging the gap between theory and real life experience.
  • Experience that could assist them and facilitate full-time employment within Prowess or the industry
  • A supportive, friendly enviroment to learn and acquire necessary disciplines or life and working environment.

“The most pleasant experience at Prowess was the staff. Everyone I worked with during my internship had an amazing personality and significantly added value to my life.”

– Bongani Mzimeli,
who is now employed full time by Prowess Investments.


Future Goals

Prowess aims to direct money towards other targeted areas of change such as education, healthcare, women initiatives, creating employment opportunities for the youth. We are actively looking for funding partners for our foundation.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of the South African economy through a fresh, practical approach, get in touch.